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If you know that there are 4, 208,571,287 active internet user in June 2018 and you still haven't a website. Then go, catch your seat and

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right now about Our Web Solutions. We offer the best value for a reasonable budget fitting all. For the sake of feeling a win-win by the end of the deal. Caian Tec is a mission-focused company aiming to deliver top-notch product to maintain our client' satisfaction and accordingly loyalty. Picking up our Web Solutions package amongst this crowded market and what makes us a perfect candidate you can step further with. We are passionate about what we build and we build it like we are building for ourselves. Not impressed, Yet  The probability of reading these slogans somewhere before you land here is big. But I guarantee you, the results is not the same. You can see yourself, as Requesting A Quote is not something you will charge for. We offer different types of Web Solutions including:
  • Building Custom APIs that integrates with Other Third-Parties And Apps.
  • Dealing with common CMS( Content Management Systems) Like WordPress And Many.
  • Hardening the security of your Web Application from intruders and Hackers.
  • Building Custom Bots including Scrapers and Auto-Posters
  • Custom Scraping and Saving these data in a readable and organized way.

Web Solutions Stacks We Work With

  • PHP And MySQL
  • NoSQL, SQLite
  • Apache and NGINX
Plus the well-known front-end Elements HTML, CSS And JavaScript. We can build anything starting from single-page portfolio websites, passing by membership websites and ending with Automatic websites that can self-populate itself with content, as per your request. In A Rush You can reach out to us using our contact form to drop us Email. Or you Can Request A Quote and directly talk to our customer support for a quick insight about Our Services.